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Below: Mural, Chicago, IL







Below: Faux Leather Look Chicago, IL






Below: 1920;s Building Chicago, IL

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livingroomhouse1†††† livingroomhouse2

Below: Chicago Gold Coast Project

livingroom1†† livingroom2†††livingroom3††††livingroom4††††livingroom5††††livingroom6

livingroom7††† livingroom8††††livingroom9††††livingroom10††††livingroom11

mirror1††† mirror2

newsiegels2thmb††† newsiegelsthmb

Below: Restoration of Faux Finish Floor, Jackson St., Chicago

fauxfloor1††† fauxfloor2††††fauxfloor3††††fauxfloor4††††fauxfloor5

kitchen1††† kitchen2††††kitchen3††††kitchen4††††kitchen5††††kitchen6

Below: Restoration of 1920ís Elevator in Chicago

Picture 002††† Picture 004

Picture 005††† Picture 006††††Picture 007††††Picture 008††††Picture 009

Picture 200

Below: 6500 Sq Foot House project in Nashville, TN

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Picture 148††† Picture 149††††

Picture 187

Below: Chiropractic Office, Nashville, TN

Picture 178††† Picture 181††††Picture 182

Picture 183††† Picture 184††††Picture 186


Below: Dental Office in Chicago, IL

IMG_2244†††† IMG_2245†††††IMG_2246†††††IMG_2248†††††IMG_2249

IMG_2250†††† IMG_2253†††††IMG_2254†††††IMG_2255

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